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More Exam Results; Book List Controversies; Video Game Demographics: It’s Required Readings!

Welcome to today’s Required Readings! I hope your Thursday as been moderately acceptable so far.   Another set of national exam results were issued in England today. This time it was the GCSE results, meaning that the vast majority of English 15-16 years olds were involved. As always, the BBC was on hand to watch some carefully selected pupils open their envelopes live on TV. Apparently... »

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Pop Quiz:

In yesterday’s Required Readings Librarienne posted a link to a story from The Guardian which reported on a study involving reading comprehension on e-readers compared to printed “pocket” books.  The study which is yet to be published claims that there is a decrease in a person’s ability to reconstruct the plot of the story by putting 14 events in correct order.  The authors hypothesize that the “... »

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Higher ed data, law school, school reform, e-books, and Ferguson schools: Required Readings, 08.19.14

Today’s first Required Reading will flood your brain with data: The Chronicle of Higher Education’s annual almanac of academia provides data on everything from the professional backgrounds of college presidents to the high school dropout rate in North Dakota. One of the things I learned while watching friends and loved ones go through their legal studies is that what you learn in law school has li... »

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Pop Quiz: Ramping up

Is that light at the end of the tunnel an oncoming train?! It’s that time again, when we revise our syllabi, check the calendar for important dates, stock up on supplies, and prepare for the onslaught! A new semester/year is about to begin.  Is this the year we get through evolution without being told we’re going to someplace really warm when we die? Is this the year we don’t cat... »

Office Supply Shopping Time!!!!!  OH, YEAH!!!!

Office Supply Shopping Time!!!!! OH, YEAH!!!!

I have an addiction. An addiction not yet recognized by the medical community but perhaps someday it will be and its name might be, Officium Copia Addiction Disorder. That is Office Supply Addiction Disorder or OSAD for short. A person with OSAD cannot pass a ream of paper without feeling it to see how smooth it is or cannot walk pass a pen on display without picking it up to try it out. OSAD pati... »

Pop Quiz: When is it too late to cancel a class?

Pop Quiz: When is it too late to cancel a class?

See my post about Monday August 11 to understand where the content for this quiz is coming from. So I am not going to beat around the bush. A natural disaster happened on the way to work the other day and I did not cancel class because it happened so fast and I was in the middle of it I could not. However, there are times when a school does not close (like the other day) and the weather prompts yo... »

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