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Scottish Independence Part 1: The How and the Why

In place of today’s expected Required Readings, I’d like to offer the first of a series of four articles about the forthcoming Scottish independence referendum.   On September 18th, the people of Scotland will vote to determine whether their country remains as part of the United Kingdom or becomes a fully independent and completely separate nation. There is less than a month left ... »

Detail from title page of J.S. Bach's Well-tempered Clavier

Wikipedia 1, U Chicago News Office 0.

I was browsing my news feed today when I came across the following video, posted by the University of Chicago’s News Office.   Since I’m about to get very critical, let me first talk briefly about the things Cheng does well in this video: 1) She gives a mostly understandable layperson’s description of the circle of fifths, and the problem of the Pythagorean comma (the differ... »

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Pop Quiz: Balance

Like many this was my first week back to school and like always my life changes.  I go from a laid back relaxed existence where time is not really all that important, to a clock centered world where every moment is filled with some brain absorbing task. Luckily I get to ease into it with a week filled with professional development of varying levels of personal relevance. About a week ago I was tal... »

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Predatory publishers, disabilities and jobhunting, Spamalot, adjuncts, et al: Required Readings, 8.26-27.14

If I were grading myself for SoD, I would have just dropped my grade by a letter for turning in my assignment late with no real excuse (I completely forgot in a mess of a Tuesday). So to make up for my lapse, here’s an extra credit-worthy Required Readings. One of the downsides of the open access movement has been the rise of predatory publishers. “Bad Science Journals” provides a good background ... »

No More Rape? Easy! Women Don’t Drink

No More Rape? Easy! Women Don’t Drink

Okay, I almost ran into the person in front of me on the way to work yesterday while listening to the Diane Rehm Show on NPR.  The show topic was The Role of Fraternities and Sororities Today (click link for transcript and show) and I tuned in after it had started so I did not get the gist of the conversation until a few minutes of listening.  Basically, it was a conversation about whether or not ... »

Pop Quiz: Modeling professionalism

Pop Quiz: Modeling professionalism

I seriously want to pull my blanky up over my head and pretend the semester isn’t starting.   But I have to be a professional.  At the time this post goes up, I will have taught my first class this fall so I hope all want well. In fact, I expect my students to behave professionally, and I hope that my behavior models that mode.  What does professionalism mean though? I generally explain I ex... »

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