Hazing, combined kindergarten, citizen science in the classroom, and Common Core fight: Required Readings, 07.29.14

Hazing, combined kindergarten, citizen science in the classroom, and Common Core fight: Required Readings, 07.29.14

Those following the unfolding drama regarding the marching band at Ohio State University may be interested in this interview, which notes that “few hazing victims see it that way.” The Kindergarten Hub at one Detroit elementary school is moving in a different educational direction, with 100 students and 3 instructors in a combined classroom setting. What do you think: groundbreaking or... »

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Pop Quiz: Businesslike?

I often peruse the Chronicle of Higher Education and get ideas for these posts from there.  Today I saw this article, where the “dirty words” are business terms and the premise is we should stop pretending college isn’t a business endeavor. Horsepucky. The article walks the idea back by saying colleges serve the students, which is entirely true.  Service industries however imply ... »

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Knowledge Dissemination: Is the Old New Again?

Anyone filling out a grant application these days will probably have to tackle the Big Question™: how will you disseminate all this wonderful new knowledge you have produced, so that it benefits the world at large (and especially the taxpayers who funded it)? Sure, we have our journals and monographs, our conferences and symposia, and all the other ways these things have traditionally been done, b... »

Pop Quiz: Sooo…hungry!!!

Pop Quiz: Sooo…hungry!!!

A lot of the classes I teach are at night. I mean really at night.  Sometimes I don’t get out of work until after 10 pm.  This means that these classes can start right at the dinner hour or during the long evening hours when people are tired. In an effort to try and keep the class awake I allow drinks and food in the class.  However, I always clarify that drinks must have lids and food must ... »

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Under-Age Sexting; Mandatory iPads; Teaching Math; Commonwealth Kisses: It’s Required Readings!

Under-age British teenagers are warned about the legal implications of texting explicit images to each other.   A school is accused of fostering bullying and creating a two-tier system by asking parents to buy iPads for their children to use in classes.   The ways in which math is taught in the USA are brought into question.   And finally, moving away from education, the Commonwealt... »

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Pop Quiz: Indulgence

For me summer is a time for vacations and to indulge myself.  At different times in my life different things have been the height of indulgence.  A week vacation away from everything, a well-made meal, and a trip to the masseuse have all been on the list, but recently I have found the thing that has expanded my list and bypassed all of those things.  What is this thing that is more indulgent than ... »

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