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Scottish Independence Part 2: Interview With a Pro-Independence Teacher

After last week’s basic introduction to the rapidly-approaching Scottish independence referendum, I’d now like to offer the first of two posts to examine both sides of the issue from an educational viewpoint. I interviewed two high school teachers, one of whom will be voting Yes and one of whom will be voting No. I asked each of them the same four questions and I tried to ensure that t... »

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Pop Quiz: First impressions

I debated whether to call this piece “snap judgements” instead of “first impressions” because that’s really what it’s about. In jodee’s column, she reminded us that the first week of college started for most places.  I think I survived that week… One pattern I have noticed in my time teaching is how I assess students even in that first week.  Which s... »

Pop Quiz: Did You Survive?

Pop Quiz: Did You Survive?

For a lot of my College/University instructor/professor friends, including myself, this week was the first week of the fall semester. So how did it go? Have you survived add/drop yet? The Pop Quiz is a question posed to you, the Scholars of Doubt. Look for it on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in the afternoon (ET) Featured Image: School Bookah     »

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Scottish Independence Part 1: The How and the Why

In place of today’s expected Required Readings, I’d like to offer the first of a series of four articles about the forthcoming Scottish independence referendum.   On September 18th, the people of Scotland will vote to determine whether their country remains as part of the United Kingdom or becomes a fully independent and completely separate nation. There is less than a month left ... »

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Wikipedia 1, U Chicago News Office 0.

I was browsing my news feed today when I came across the following video, posted by the University of Chicago’s News Office.   Since I’m about to get very critical, let me first talk briefly about the things Cheng does well in this video: 1) She gives a mostly understandable layperson’s description of the circle of fifths, and the problem of the Pythagorean comma (the differ... »

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Pop Quiz: Balance

Like many this was my first week back to school and like always my life changes.  I go from a laid back relaxed existence where time is not really all that important, to a clock centered world where every moment is filled with some brain absorbing task. Luckily I get to ease into it with a week filled with professional development of varying levels of personal relevance. About a week ago I was tal... »

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