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Infolit for first-gen students, American intellectualism, helping quiet kids succeed, academic social media, and more: Required Readings, 07.14.16

Critical information literacy and first-generation college students A new book reimagines popular notions of American intellectualism How teachers can: Help “quiet kids” tap their superpowers Encourage cross-racial friendships Academics’ use of social media is changing the face of scholarly publishing The Secular Student Alliance is asking both the Democratic and …

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Required Readings

Debunker Club, Brexit, an online paradox, AL boot camp school, primo preschools, y mas: Required Readings, 07.05.16

Join the Debunker Club by suggesting source material about the intersection of neuroscience and learning: peer-reviewed articles, real-world case studies, online videos, blog posts, or your own well-reasoned opinion. A view of Brexit from academia, from PHD (Piled Higher and Deeper) Comics. Those interested in further implications of Brexit for science should check out …

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A Lesson in Critical Lunching (Overview)

At first, I was horrified when I read the articles. Another teacher had assigned my students some readings that were full of logical fallacies, misleading information, and inappropriately cited scientific studies. The horrifying prospect was that I now had to use those articles in my own classes, and I would …

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Required Readings

Climate change ed, discriminating vouchers, Wikipedagogy, consent in the classroom, and more: Required Readings, 06.29.16

Two bills in Congress (one each in the Senate and the House) would authorize the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to establish a climate change education program. Meanwhile, one senator has inserted language into an appropriations bill that would prohibit the Justice Department from enforcing key provisions of the Americans with Disabilities …


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  • User AvatarGiliell { Not going to say student accommodation is perfect, but yes, we got that. Most students don't come from the area either in most unis (well,... } – Apr 29, 9:50 AM
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Document fron US Atomic Energy Commission stamped "top secret" and "confidential"
GovernmentHigher Education

FOIA Abuse Could Become a Serious Problem for Academics

Academics take heed: if you are employed by a public university, the contents of your email account are subject to the Freedom of Information Act. This means activists, critics, or any member of the public with an axe to grind can request copies for a nominal administrative fee and quote-mine …


Critical Thinking

Three-way head-on collision of a red, yellow, and green car at a demolition derby.
Critical ThinkingEducationPolitics

Surprise! Grades are nothing like dollars.

Everyone likes a good ideological parable, especially when it confirms what they already believe to be true about the world. I recently caught the following gem on Facebook, which seems perfectly crafted to tickle the fancy of your garden-variety “daggum socialist Obama” conservative type: An economics professor at a local …




Defending Bloom

Some of the most cited criticisms against Bloom’s taxonomy were written by Brenda Sugrue, PhD. She presents three main criticisms and two alternatives to Bloom. However, her criticisms are problematic. Sugrue’s first criticism is that Bloom’s taxonomy is invalid, citing that it is almost 50 years old (at the time …




Not Knowing What We’re Doing

The more I teach, the more I realize that students don’t really know what teachers do, and neither do the adults they grow up to be. It wasn’t until I was in my senior year in teacher school that I started to really grasp what exactly this job entails. I …