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Towards a Campus Activism Reading List

Last month, I was reading an article written by (or at least attributed to) the Canadian columnist Margaret Wente entitled “The radicals have taken over: Academic extremism comes to Canada.” It’s a fairly standard take down of campus anti-racist, feminist and pro-LGBTQ politics, but I was interested in how it …

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Meaning What We Say, Saying What We Mean

Recently on social media, I posted this Slate article by Sam Kriss criticising Eric Garland’s popular “Game Theory” tweetstorm, which has been shared widely by those on the left who continue to feel shaken and demoralised by the results of the recent US presidential election. I generally try to avoid making too …

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New ED Secretary, critical digital literacies, shoulders shock professor, censored student journalism, and more: Required Readings, 12.19.16

So, it turns out the last Required Reading news about potential nominees for Secretary of Education missed the mark. Meet Betsy DeVos. But what’s the worse that could happen? Truthy Lies and Surreal Truths: A Plea for Critical Digital Literacies An Idaho university student received a zero on a humanities …


An Analogy for Science

I’m planning a series of posts on evaluating sources, especially after the recent Stanford study, but this aspect is a bit adjacent so I’ll write about it separately. In Korea, students have to focus on either sciences or humanities from high school onwards. I teach at a humanities-focused school, and …


Lawyers, Guns and Money (for Science & Education)

“Send lawyers, guns and money.  The shit has hit the fan!” – from a song by Warren Zevon I have come to terms with the results of the presidential election, such that I no longer wake up expecting to find Hillary preparing to take office.  Donald J. Trump will be …

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Canada’s Residential Schools: Abuse, Disease, Colonialism, and… ESP Tests

December 15th, 2016 marks the first anniversary of the release of Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission report. The Canadian TRC was about Canada’s residential school system for indigenous children. The schools were mandated by the federal government but were run by churches and were sites of awful abuses. The secular …

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Collective Nouns for Students

Teaching high school students is exactly like this. Humor aside, there is a real conundrum in working with people that are not quite children and not quite adults. On one hand, adolescents can handle complex and abstract concepts and apply their knowledge in incredibly innovative ways. On the other hand, the …

Local college professor in altercation with alt-right serviceman (Indiana Jones vs. Nazi)
Required Readings

Required Readings, 11.21.16

I’ve started and deleted this column for 2 weeks now, trying to determine what from the flood of news to feature. The various attacks in schools and universities across the country? The fear coming from immigrant students, including my own, about what the election will mean for them and their families? …


There is no Easy Way

One of the most common reasons given to justify studying history is to learn from past mistakes so they are not repeated. I’ve never really questioned it because it sounded true, but recently I’ve started to become skeptical of this stance for a few reasons. First, when we look back …

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You Don’t Need Me to Refute This White Nationalist Poster for You, but Here You Go Anyway

This past fall, the above poster appeared on some U.S. campuses. The first appearance that I can find was on September 26th at the University of Michigan, and then on November 14th, a group called Fordham Students United reported that it was posted on their campus. It bears the same …