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Education as Collateral Damage in the War against Experts

My main reason for posting on this topic is to make sure everyone in the world sees Tom Nichols’s post at The Federalist titled “The Death of Expertise.” Click over and read it–it’s not a tl;dr piece–because I think the topic indicates one of the most important cultural conversations we’re …

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Required Readings, 21 January 2014

Good morning! I’m Librarienne, a new addition to the School of Doubt author group and a university librarian. Join us as we look at news literacy, creationism in Texas public schools, MLK’s thoughts on education, and more in today’s Required Readings: In honor of Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday, The …

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Hey, jackass! Fireworks are illegal for a reason!

Just in case my little anti-gift tirade before Xmas wasn’t enough to firmly cement my status as a wet blanket, I’m happy to report that I called the police on my mother’s neighbours’ New Year’s Eve party. You see, those damned kids were having too much fun, and I simply …

print books vs. ereader
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The President of McGraw-Hill Higher Ed Wants a Complete Transition to Ebooks by 2015: Is He a Visionary or Just High?

That’s a long title, sorry. I’m also sorry for taking a School of Doubt sabbatical with a couple of snow days and some personal time combined with a bit of sick leave. But I am back with you now, doubters! Shall we do some doubting together? Remember when this happened? …

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Pop Quiz: This Post has been Censored for your Protection.

Today I taught a Forbidden Poem. A piece of writing deemed so offensive by a select group of people that a few years ago teachers were told to literally tear up every book that contained it. The government removed this poem from the English syllabus across an entire country, meaning …

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Pop Quiz: Teaching unsavoury history

Happy Thanksgiving/Columbus Day to our Canadian and American readers! Hope those of you who got the day off are enjoying the free time. Speaking of federal holidays, reading The Oatmeal‘s latest comic on just how terrible Columbus actually was reminds me of an experience I had several years ago while …


Apples and Footballs

Happy belated World Teachers Day! In case you missed it, World Teachers Day was October 5th. I felt all warm and fuzzy inside contemplating all the good things us teachers are doing well in this world. Then, I read this article and felt…different. The article, “The Case Against High-School Sports”, …

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Pop Quiz: Are You Shutdown?

I wish I could talk about something other than the government shutdown in the United States, but I’m just too darn cranky to focus on much else. And no, we’re not getting into a political debate here. Let’s talk about specific effects on education and science. What does the federal …

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High School Assemblies, Rife with Prayers and Other Assorted Woo?

I went to high school approximately two millennia ago, in the 1980s. Back then, I guess we didn’t think kids needed so much inspiring or guiding or straight-scaring or whatever, because I don’t remember anything like the number of all-school assemblies my son now has at his high school, at …


Students, Privacy, and Social Networks: The Game!

Anna’s recent post on Queereka about Christine Love‘s new Visual Novel had salutary (if unintended) effect of reminding me that I have had another of Love’s games, don’t take it personally, babe, but it just ain’t your story, sitting in my “to-play” queue for several months. I just finished playing …