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Pop Quiz: What’s Your Dream Science Class

Standards… love them or hate them, they exist. States have educational standards. Sometimes countries have standards. Some standards are required, others recommended. Though there are no national standards required for science in the US, certain ones are recommended. A committee made up of writers from 26 states are converging on …

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RR: 31 March 2013

On this Easter Sunday, let us open our internets to the Required Reading page and look together at some vaguely religious-themed news items: Here is an op-ed arguing the positive impact of marriage equality on education. A Pakistani teacher was murdered this week for the crime of educating girls. ZOMG …

Krzysztof Lubieniecki (1659-1729) - 'The School Teacher'
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Pop Quiz: Who was your worst teacher?

We’ve all had that one teacher. The one we never got along with. The one who gave nothing but busywork. The one who mentally retired early, but kept on teaching for another decade or two. The one that we, each and every day, strive not to become. I’d be willing …

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Pop Quiz: Field Trips

Greetings, all. Thanks to the magic of the internet, I’m in Chile right now touring a state-of-the art radio telescope for its inauguration! My subs will be watching the comments, however, so behave. While I’m on my field trip to the Atacama Desert, let’s talk about field trips in general. …

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Teaching critically with Wikipedia

An important element of teaching critical thinking to students is distinguishing reliable sources of information from less reliable ones. In educational settings at all levels, from K-12 to higher education, a common bugaboo is Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia that is editable by nearly everyone. Claims are often made by teachers …