Romeike Family--two White German parents and 6 White German children

Fox News: Let’s Get Some White Christian Homeschooling Immigrants Up in Here Instead of All These Poor Brown Losers

Every time I think I’ve seen the most intellectually bankrupt excrement Fox News has to offer, they surprise me again. It appears that the universe (Obama) has once again revealed itself to be a cold, unfeeling, unchristian (Obama) place, as an adorable family of (white) Germans who only wish to …

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Creationists in Astronomy Class are Not Fun!

Every semester as part of the general astronomy class I teach it is required that we do a few lectures on the history of astronomy. It is intended that we start all the way back into ancient astronomy and talk about how the people of the time viewed their Earth …

17th c. painting of a woman by a linen closet
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Pop Quiz: Are you “out”?

Happy Monday, Doubt Scholars! Last night at dinner I got involved in a long and interesting conversation about “coming out” as atheist in academia, what doing so actually entails, and under what circumstances it is appropriate to do so. (A propos of this, some of you may remember that annoying …

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Pop Quiz: Surprise Jesus

This is going to be a quick Pop Quiz since I’m off on school hike into the rainy Scottish wilderness shortly. If I don’t post anything else after today, then I’m probably at the bottom of a ravine somewhere. You guys can have my stuff. Today I wanted to ask …

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High School Assemblies, Rife with Prayers and Other Assorted Woo?

I went to high school approximately two millennia ago, in the 1980s. Back then, I guess we didn’t think kids needed so much inspiring or guiding or straight-scaring or whatever, because I don’t remember anything like the number of all-school assemblies my son now has at his high school, at …

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Some Really Crappy Advice at the Chronicle of Higher Education

Do non-religious college administrators suffer a particularly high amount of workplace discrimination? Should they hide their lack of religious affiliation and also ask the same of their spouses/partners? Writing for the advice section of the Chronicle, “Madalyn Dawkins” (NOT HER REAL NAME) says yes. I respond, “ORLY?” The author’s primary …


Quebec helpfully shows how NOT to do secularism

There is currently a fair bit of controversy over the ruling separatist government’s plans to institute a “Charter of Quebec Values” [note: English version is incomplete and mostly still in French…quelle surprise] that would ostensibly put an end to the years-long question of what constitutes “reasonable accommodation” of religious minorities …

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Pop Quiz: Back Door Creationism

It’s always the same. There you are, all ready to put up a very exciting Pop Quiz about literacy levels in school and college students, when BAM! An unexpected creationists-sneaking-in-through-the-backdoor story appears and ends up being faaaaar more interesting.   A story broke over here this afternoon regarding a small …

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Newsflash: Art Might Make You Uncomfortable

A few years ago, a textbook I used in freshman composition included a chapter on film studies. The final essay for the unit (and for the course, as it worked out) asked students to choose one of two prompts. I don’t recall the exact questions, but one was about Sydney …

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Pop Quiz: Richard Dawkins Says You Can’t Handle The TRUTH

Aww man, Dawkins. Not again.   By now you’ve probably seen Richard Dawkins’ latest foray into the world of Twitter. He recently informed his many followers that “All the world’s Muslims have fewer Nobel Prizes than Trinity College, Cambridge. They did great things in the Middle Ages, though.” Unsurprisingly, this …