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Pop Quiz: Can the term be over yet?

It’s getting to be that time of year. The term is half over, the weather is starting to get grim (at least here). Students are burned out from midterms, faculty are burned out from grants (and midterms), and everyone seems generally tired and unhappy. And unless you’re American, there is …

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Pop Quiz: Applying for jobs?

So it looks like I’ll be applying for my first tenure track position in the next month or so, which is both exciting and terrifying. The school in question is actually an unusually good fit for my particular skill set and teaching philosophy, especially considering the very interdisciplinary nature of …

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Pop Quiz: What is your experience with grants?

Hey there everybody and happy Monday! I just got hired by a couple of senior faculty members to do some writing and editing on a large grant proposal we are submitting this fall. This already the second round and chances look pretty good that we will ultimately get the funding, …

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Surprise! Academia is not the same as hockey.

Dear Paige Ambroziak, Academia is not the same as hockey. Love, Dan   PS. For the benefit of SoD readers, I will expand on this seemingly obvious idea and try to provide a nuanced argument that doesn’t rely on superficial analogies. You can read it too, if you want.   …