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Pop Quiz: Adjuncts, Unions and the Sad Tale of Margaret Mary Vojtko

Many of you may have read this article about Margaret Mary Vojtko in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette when it first started circulating on social networks late this past summer. For those that didn’t, here is her story as related by Daniel Kovalik: Vojtko was an adjunct professor in the French department …

Required Readings

Required Readings, 19 September 2013

Teacher gives birth in school! Alabama sororities and fraternities are white! Death of an adjunct prompts reflection. Good rhythm linked to language skills. Good morning, teachers and learners. Here are your required readings for today. Study links rhythm to language skills – so that why I no talk good. Teacher …

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Pop Quiz: What can we do about academic labour?

Happy Labo(u)r Day to our Canadian and American readers! Though the holiday has suffered from some cultural drift over the years since its inception (serving now mainly as an excuse for back-to-school sales, barbecues, and a post quem non for wearing white), I thought it might be nice to get …