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Pop Quiz: Of Ferret Pee and Snake Hisses

No corny Valentines Day Stories for Pop Quiz.  I only recognize the true holiday of my birthday today!!! In celebration of this wondrous day I give you a corny teaching story instead. Years and years ago I taught a physics lab class at a farm town University.  Normally, I would start my …

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More on creationism, all about DonorsChoose, Louisiana lawsuit, student-centered teaching, and atheist Hokies: Required Readings

In the wake of last week’s Nye-Ham debate, creationism has been a popular topic of discussion in the media. Looking at the new HBO documentary Questioning Darwin, one author points out just how dangerous creationist beliefs can be, particularly in regard to attitudes toward critical thinking. Required Readings has previously …

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Pop Quiz: Winter Blues or Springtime Jitters

I have noticed with the recent crap weather that we have been having in the Midwest that my students seem extraordinarily lethargic. I had to set something on fire yesterday just to get them to wake up and answer a question that should have normally been answered quite quickly.  It …

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Pop Quiz: Gaming

Angry Birds, Lego Star Wars, FIFA Soccer, Grand Theft Auto. These are just a few of the thousands of iPad games that I’ve noticed on the screens of my students during class time. My school has been a 1 to 1 computing school for nearly a decade, but recently it …

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Pop Quiz: Engage All the Students!

I came across this great post at Cult of Pedagogy called, “A Mild Case of Fisheye.” Go read it, I’ll wait. Done? Okay good. Well, to sum it up (in case you kept reading here) the post describes a problem in which teachers think they’ve had a really good class …

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Pop Quiz: That Reminds Me Of The Time When…

Hey hey, Friday afternoon Pop Quizzers!   My favourite lessons are the ones that end up in places I wasn’t expecting. Maybe a student asks a question that leads to some unforeseen discussion, or maybe a new topic emerges naturally during the course of the lesson. I love it when …

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Pop Quiz: When To Admit That You’re Wrong

Being wrong is a vital part of science and scepticism. Part of the whole point of science is to try to disprove whatever theory you’ve come up with; to try to prove yourself wrong in any way you can. Atheists and sceptics are often accused of being as dogmatic and …

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Pop Quiz: Playtime in Class!

I am very very very excited because we just this afternoon got delivery of a portable planetarium to our department. SQUEE! This means we can take a planetarium show TO a school or community center or somewhere on campus. We have instant (well after ~45 minutes of setup) entertainment for …

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Pop Quiz: Science go Boom

Well I’m just a late-y late, late bum today with the Pop Quiz. But you’re not off the hook! I’ve been flying ll day to get to San Antonio for the National Science Teachers’ Association conference. There are LOTS of science demos to see here, so let’s think about our …

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Pop Quiz: Today’s Lesson Will Begin After These Trailers

Yesterday was the last day of term here before our two-week April break. It was a dress-down day, the school was quieter than usual due to quite a few pupils opting to start their break a day early, and there was a pretty cheery atmosphere around the building. The preceding …