Why Aren’t You Reading This?

Not you in particular, nor this post specifically, but speaking more broadly, I do wonder why skeptics in general aren’t as interested in teaching as I would have expected them to be, based on what we tend to value. Looking at the traffic on this and other “skepticism in education” …

The famous Archaeopterix fossil in Berlin

Education vs Intelligence

It’s no secret that kids from low income household and or a migration background are underrepresented amongst those deemed “gifted and talented”. So how come? Are they just not as intelligent as their middle-class peers? If you ask me, the difference isn’t “intelligence”, it’s education and people are notoriously bad …

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Going Up Against the Good News Club: An Interview with Dan Courtney

Dan Courtney is President Emeritus of the Freethinkers of Upstate New York and is active in a number of Freethought and church/state separation groups. Dan gained international attention for being the first Atheist to offer an invocation at the Town of Greece following the US Supreme Court’s ruling on the …


Pseudoscience in the Non-science Classroom

Skeptics tend to focus on the science classroom, especially with Intelligent Design in the United States always trying to wedge its way in. Even if we succeed in getting all the evidentially unsupported claims out of the science classes, students are still hearing many of those claims presented credulously in …

A statue of Columbus in Barcelona, pointing west towards America
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¿Hablas español? ¿Sí? ¿Cuál?

As you may remember, I recently went to the German “Hispanistentag”, the biannual congress of Germany’s and Austria’s researchers on Spanish language and literature. The section I was in was about the different varieties of Spanish and what to do with them in school.   Spanish is spoken by around …


A Quick Guide to Due Diligence

I want to be a good skeptic and a good teacher, but I have a thousand tasks to do both in and out of the classroom and things like “fact-checking” get relegated to the procrastination pile. In a perfect world, I would make sure I’m not unintentionally passing on any …

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Pop Quiz: Student Privacy In Public Schools

A high school finds a teens diary.  The principal reads it.  In it she discusses marijuana and possible use.  No drug is found on the student or in her locker yet they suspend her.  This is not a joke this happened in a Missouri school toward the end of the …

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Pop Quiz: Temperature Control!

This past week I took a look at my work clothes to assess whether or not I need a few more short sleeve shirts and cardigans in my wardrobe. Every new semester it is a crap shoot as to whether I will be dying of heat or freezing to death …

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Scottish Independence Part 1: The How and the Why

In place of today’s expected Required Readings, I’d like to offer the first of a series of four articles about the forthcoming Scottish independence referendum.   On September 18th, the people of Scotland will vote to determine whether their country remains as part of the United Kingdom or becomes a …

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Pop Quiz: Whiteboard vs. Chalkboard

The other day I was talking with my father-in-law who helps out at their church’s school. He was telling me about how they were cleaning some stuff out to get things ready for the new school year. As he was telling me this he also managed to describe how they …