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Pop Quiz: Learner Centered In Large Classes

Normally, I teach a smaller sized class of anywhere from 27 -35 students. This summer I managed to get a larger lecture class on the order of 80 -100 students. No biggie right? I just have more papers to grade and more copies of homework and exams to get. Well …

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Pop Quiz: Advice To The Would Be’s

What do you want to be when you grow up? A simple question that adults ask young children. Some children want to be a fireman or a chef. Some will tell you they want to be (insert latest movie hero here) and some will say a teacher. When I was …

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Extra Credits on Education

I’m a huge fan of the Extra Credits team, whose insightful discussions on video games and game design (and fabulous take on the Punic Wars) have long been high on my list of sites-that-must-be-compulsively-checked. So imagine my great satisfaction when they decided to return to the topic of education–I wrote …

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Student Astounded: Teacher Does Not Get Summer Break!!

This post should have a tag on it called JoDee’s Tiny Rants. Before the end of the semester I had a student ask me in passing what I was going to be doing with my free time this summer. I told him (with a tiny laugh) that I would be …

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Pop Quiz: Graded Homework.. Why Bother?

Last week (for me) was the most wonderful time of the year, the end of a semester. As most instructors can understand, it is also one of the busiest times of the year with the influx of paper grading. So as I was grading the piles upon piles of papers, …


Warning: Grading Essays May Cause Concussion

I have a dent in my forehead.  It keeps getting deeper every time I assign a paper to write.  This semester the dent has a bruise and my desk almost has a hole through it.  Okay, I jest a little bit but there was definitely some forehead to desk moments …

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Pop Quiz: Givens

It’s a given that all college professors are liberal, that all students are lazy, that all politicians are corrupt… Stereotypes are thought to provide rapid information about a situation to reduce processing time.  They develop from generalizations and therefore remove any individual differences.  The issues with it are well known …

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Teaching Science with Science Fiction – Weight vs. Mass

The Truth about Pyecraft by H.G. Wells – the difference between Weight and Mass This post is jam packed with story spoilers so if you would like to first read the story spoiler free here are two links to Google books versions; one from The Strand and the other from …


Why Teaching Makes Me Smile

Right now I am having a particularly nasty bump in my life. Things are very chaotic and I am not sure what will be around the next corner. So suffice it to say I am a feeling a bit overwhelmed and emotionally drained.  Teaching these last few weeks has been …

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Pop Quiz – Education, Diluted

A baby has been had and the relentless first few months are over, so it’s time to write for School of Doubt again!   It’s World Homeopathy Awareness Week, apparently. Sugar pill peddlers across the globe will be spreading the good word, making sure that we are all fully educated …