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Wondering about grades? Us, too. Also: adjuncts in the news, charter school walkouts, computer graded writing. It’s Required Reading 2-6-2014!

What’s in a grade? Does a high GPA from a prestigious university indicate  a moral and unthuglike character ?   Why bring it up? Speaking of grades, why the leap from D to F?  Shouldn’t you lose points for forgetting one of the most popular letters? Well, New Jersey really needs …

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Required Readings

Required Readings – A-Levels Edition! – 15 August 2013

Hairy legs and armpits! A-Levels! Dawn Foster! Accreditation drama! Good morning, teachers and learners. Your required readings are below. I’ve gathered everything you need to know about the drama that is A-levels. Can you afford University? – The BBC talks with students here, including those who recall the hairy legs …