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Part 4: Creationism – when you teach science there is no controversy.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by animal behavior.  At the age of six I embarked on a career path from which I never wavered.  Except once. Almost. As a sophomore in college I took two semesters of Astronomy to round out my non-biology science electives.  …


Warning: Grading Essays May Cause Concussion

I have a dent in my forehead.  It keeps getting deeper every time I assign a paper to write.  This semester the dent has a bruise and my desk almost has a hole through it.  Okay, I jest a little bit but there was definitely some forehead to desk moments …

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Pop quiz: What to be when you grow up?

[Ed. note: the title of this piece has been changed since initial publication]   I teach biology in college and I advise our students in the major to prepare them for careers and post-graduate education.  I always start with “what do you want to be when you grow up?”  This …

A shelf full of books.
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Taxonomy tool, no NGSS in Wyoming, higher ed and equality, secular student groups, sex ed, and challenged books: Required Readings, 4.15.14

Developing educational goals and learning objectives for a presentation, course, or curriculum? Take a look at this online Bloom’s Taxonomy tool, which provides outcome verbs, instructional strategies, and assessment questions for each of the six levels of the taxonomy. The National Center for Science Education has an update on the …

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Streams of Consciousness: Science Olympiad

This past weekend I had the pleasure of being an event supervisor at one of the regional sections of the Science Olympiad here in the Midwest for the second year in a row. If you are not familiar with this competition it is for K-12 (this one was just middle …

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Pop Quiz: Tapas Lectures! Little Bites But Many Portions

This semester I am teaching the worlds most frustrating astronomy college class. It is not the topic that bothers me, nor is it the students. It is not the inadequate book that we use (close second), or the people I work with. Nope. It is none of these things. So …

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Pop Quiz: Woo Hoo!! Spring Break!!

*Disclaimer: Daylight Savings Time has turned me into the walking dead. I have not functioned properly since before the time change. This pop quiz may read like stereo instructions because of this. Sorry. This week is “spring” break for me at most of the colleges I teach at.  Of course …

A shelf full of books.
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Pop Quiz: The Horror of Textbook Prices

At the beginning of a new semester there is always a little bit of excitement in the air. Everyone looks fresh faced and ready to take on the subject at hand. I notice that as I pass out the syllabus and we go through it the students attentively listen with …

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Pop Quiz: Videos in the Classroom. How much is too much?

For the courses that I teach sometimes a demo is needed to show the principle that is being discussed. Sometimes that demo can be physical objects that are set into motion, sometimes they are animations, and sometimes they are video clips. There is always some type of lecture before and …

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Charity Work: My Life as an Adjunct Part II

*This is a continuation of my previous post Charity Work: My Life as an Adjunct Part I. I have been commenting on the points that James Hoff has made in his response to being profiled in the New York Times. I have covered a couple of his points in my previous …