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Pop Quiz: Job Season

It’s job application season in academia again. My first time through this, two years ago, was harrowing to say the least, especially since I was also trying to finish my dissertation. Things worked out for me as I got a postdoc position working with Dr. Pamela Gay, one of the …

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Pop Quiz: Applying for jobs?

So it looks like I’ll be applying for my first tenure track position in the next month or so, which is both exciting and terrifying. The school in question is actually an unusually good fit for my particular skill set and teaching philosophy, especially considering the very interdisciplinary nature of …

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Surprise! Academia is not the same as hockey.

Dear Paige Ambroziak, Academia is not the same as hockey. Love, Dan   PS. For the benefit of SoD readers, I will expand on this seemingly obvious idea and try to provide a nuanced argument that doesn’t rely on superficial analogies. You can read it too, if you want.   …