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Pop Quiz: Discussing Religious Extremism

Hello, Doubt-Scholars! I’m afraid this is going to have to be a very quick Pop Quiz because I have a hot Friday night out planned. Well, I said I’d go over and help a friend set up his Minecraft server. That’s quite hot.   I’m sure that yesterday’s  terrible events …


Separation of Church and State? Not on MY watch!

Earlier this week, a state judge in Texas, ruled that cheerleaders at public high school football games could make and carry banners with Christian religious verses on them. These banners would be held for football players to run through at the start of the game. Judge Stephen Thomas, in his …

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Jesus Loves Me This I Know, For My Good Grades Tell Me So

It’s 8:45am and just over three hundred teenagers are sitting in an assembly hall. The youngest sit at the front and the oldest at the back, with almost everyone sporting the identical muted colours of the school’s uniform. The staff form a ring around the edges of the hall, looking …

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“Shut up and Let the Christians have their moment!”

There are many things that we, as teachers, have working against us. There are antiquated systems and people who don’t give us respect. There are state standards and angry parents and students who just don’t care. But, just to make our job even more complicated, there are also legislators who …

Ben Goldacre
Required Readings

RR: March 14, 2013

It’s Pi, Popes, Robots…and Ben Goldacre. It’s that kind of a day. Enjoy your required readings, students. I’ll be quizzing you later. Celebrate Pi Day – In the US at least, where we place the day before the month. Sorry, Europe. But, hey, enjoy these math teacher resources for Pi …

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Teaching the Letter “A”

A little known secret about academia (and a serious flaw, I might add) is that many university professors receive little to no training in how to teach. Sociology poses a unique challenge because the entire discipline is built on deconstructing that which we take for granted as normal or even …

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Bye Bye, Billboard.

I love my job. I really do. I’d been waiting for a job at this prestigious suburban school since I first began my teaching career. My old job, where I toiled for eight years, wasn’t really satisfactory in many different ways. The department – and, to be honest, all of …