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SoD is back in business!

Hello everyone! Many apologies for my long absence, but things got a little busy for me when I went back to school (yes, again) to actually officially study Higher Education! The upside for you, dear readers, is that my new studies have provided lots of new grist for the old …

Higher EducationMoney

SIU Zero-time Adjunct Follow-up

[Update to the update: SIU has posted a statement on the programme here. As it essentially confirms my suspicions that it is designed to steal soft academic labour from new PhDs by trading on their institutional loyalty and need for affiliation without paying them for their services, I provide the …

A pile of US $100 bills
Higher EducationMoney

And so It Has Come to This

Southern Illinois University has finally taken the step that we all knew was coming, whether we openly admitted it to ourselves or not. The progression was too obvious, the market forces in question too powerful, for this result to have been anything but inevitable. The question was never if, but …

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Higher Education

*Out of Office Response* Re: quick question?

Dear [STUDENT], Thank you for writing me with your question about [COURSE]. I am currently out of the office because I am contingent faculty and do not have an office. This automated response email is intended to help you find the answer to your question on your own, as my …


Recent Comments

  • User AvatarDan { Hi Peter! Good to see you. The trend in musicology (and especially in my little area of music before 1750) has been fewer jobs each... } – Nov 13, 7:02 PM
  • User AvatarPeter Nonacs { Hi Dan, Welcome back - although I would have wished your return as Professor Dan. I see your choice as one that is made more... } – Nov 13, 1:57 PM
  • User AvatarDan { That wasn't exactly what was going on with this posting. The specificity of the job had more to do with the size and nature of... } – Oct 17, 1:57 AM
  • User AvatarPeter Nonacs { I sense when you see a super-specific requirement from a job ad, with a well-nigh impossible timetable, it means that there is probably an internal... } – Oct 17, 1:39 AM
  • User AvatarJon Brewer { Hey, the really bad ones are when people accept "groups/journals I've never heard of" over "well-known entities". *cough*NAISA*cough* } – May 23, 7:22 PM
  • User Avatarikanreed { The very first thing that struck me when I read about this, was not the possibility of it being a vanity journal, though I guess... } – May 23, 11:38 AM


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