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Required Readings

Fighting Creeping Creationism — Full episode of Bill Moyers interviewing 19-year-old anti-creationism activist Zack Kopplin and historian Susan Jacoby.

Also, Zack Kopplin’s Interactive Map of Voucher Schools Teaching Creationism in the U.S. — When “school choice” means choosing baloney…and funding it with tax dollars.

The Free Technology for Teachers blog — a resource for teachers looking to incorporate more tech.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics finds that “by the October when they were 25 years old, 30 percent of women and just 22 percent of men had received a bachelor’s degree”  — A brief Business Week article on the subject indicates that many stupid responses to this information are forthcoming.

Sugata Mitra becomes the first winner of the $1 million TED Prize for education innovation, for his “School in the Cloud” plan — Maybe we are on our way to OASIS? I say rock on. (Side note, to those who have not read Ready Player One: wtf, dude? You need to read that!)

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