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RR: 17 March 2013

Good morning, scholars! Are you on spring break this week, as I am? It’s the BEST, right? Here are some things to read, in a very leisurely fashion, maybe on a beach:

The American Library Association teaches high school students to read the news media critically, a desperately needed skill.

There’s an International Summit on the Teaching Profession? And it was in Amsterdam this week? And I was not invited, why? In spite of the personal insult of my invitation’s non-arrival, I encourage you to check out the three commitments made at the summit by the US Department of Ed.

Documentary film Race to Nowhere argues for a “new narrative” of education. The film “gives voice to those closest to the education system and highlights how a narrow focus on high-stakes testing, competition and busyness has led to an epidemic of anxious, disengaged and unprepared young people.”

More MOOC for credit angst out of California.

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