Required Readings

Required Readings, 4 April, 2013

Good morning, teachers and learners! Class begins today with a plan to disenfranchise voting college students in North Carolina. That’s a real downer. We’ll end on an up-note about a young woman from Palestine who’s got a scholarship to Oxford that’s been funded in an unusual way…

North Carolina senate bill seeks to curb college vote – “Those pesky voting college students! They’re not voting they way we want them to!” Even more disturbing in North Carolina’s bid to start a state religion

An Academic With Impostor Syndrome – This really IS required reading. Advice on coping.

Centers See New Faces Seeking Test Prep – The idea of “Cram Schools” just makes me sad.

UK Teacher’s union attack “rebranded” sexism – They say old-fashioned sexism is back and being viewed as something “ironic and empowering”. Hmm….

Gazan heads to Oxford University on unusual scholarship – her fellow students are “crowd funding” her tuition. Brought a little tear to me eye.

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P.E. Robinson

P.E. Robinson

Professor P.E. Robinson teaches astronomy to non-science majors at a 2-year college in the United States. He has a decade of experience teaching science in higher education, and providing professional development experiences to astronomers and other educators. Skepticism and critical thinking are key components of everything he teaches.

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