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RR: 14 April 2013

Good morning, scholars! Here are some readable tidbits for today:

A New York Times Op-Ed piece claims that the teaching profession contributes to America’s continued education deficiencies: “Teaching requires a professional model, like we have in medicine, law, engineering, accounting, architecture and many other fields. In these professions, consistency of quality is created less by holding individual practitioners accountable and more by building a body of knowledge, carefully training people in that knowledge, requiring them to show expertise before they become licensed, and then using their professions’ standards to guide their work.”

More schools in trouble for allegedly falsifying standardized test results.

What does it mean that a “Top Job” listing on The Chronicle of Higher Education is for a Biology position at Liberty University? Oy.

An Inside Higher Ed article takes on the government’s student loan initiatives, identifying the first three months of 2013 as “the worst on record for student loan defaults” and gloomily predicting: “Congress is about to make it worse.”



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