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Required Reading, 16 May 2014

Good evening, teachers and learners! Better late than never I suppose…

Today’s required readings include an update on the Florida student who was arrested for attempting a science experiment. Also, a librarian blogger is threatened over blowing the whistle on predatory “open access” science journals. There’s also videos. I guess those aren’t readings. They’re still required!

Kiera Wilmot Will Not Be Prosecuted – Say that five times fast. Or as Rebecca Watson observed, Wilmot is “now free to complete origin story as mad scientist anti-authority supervillain”.

Publisher Threatens to Sue Blogger for $ 1 Billion – It would be funny if I hadn’t watched the last half decade of Simon Singh’s struggles.

Dictionary of Numbers: browser extension humanizes numbers on the web – A Chrome extension that converts big numbers into something recognizable.

What is a flipped classroom? in 60 seconds – blog + video from researcher Julie Schell.

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P.E. Robinson

P.E. Robinson

Professor P.E. Robinson teaches astronomy to non-science majors at a 2-year college in the United States. He has a decade of experience teaching science in higher education, and providing professional development experiences to astronomers and other educators. Skepticism and critical thinking are key components of everything he teaches.

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