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RR: 19 May 2013

Hello, selfless bringers of knowledge! Happy Sunday to you.

The Freedom from Religion Foundation claims that the instructor of a Ball State University course called “The Boundaries of Science” is using the class to “proselytize students and advance Christianity.” Neat!

Here’s some more “whoopsie, everyone is cheating on those standardized tests” news. You know, because I am indeed a selfless giver, and my school term ends before my son’s, I answer the call to volunteer as a monitor for the end of year testing at his high school. My job as monitor is not to watch the students, but to watch the teacher who is proctoring the exam. It’s vaguely awkward, to be honest, but there it is.

A team teaching approach to high school instruction. Team teaching in general seems to be gaining popularity. We have had it at my college for years; I team teach a humanities class myself with a philosophy/religion professor. Moreover, our teacher education program is moving this year to a co-teaching model for student teachers, as opposed to the traditional student teaching model.

A whole week of TEDx talks on education topics

Yale got in trouble for neglecting to report sex crimes. I did not know colleges were required to report this. Interesting…

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