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Required Readings, 25 June 2013

Hello, hello! Good morning, fellow School of Doubt denizens. This is my first time doing a Required Readings post, so let’s jump right in!

-Maryland considers new standards for science teaching in an effort to boost STEM skills.

A new report by the American Academy of Arts and Sciences says that the humanities and social sciences are just as vital as science and technology.

Recent reforms put in place by New York City’s Department of Education spark controversy.

The Tipping Point Project believes that we need an “education revolution” and aims to get more families to pull their children from “coercive schooling.”

-And for our Alaska readers, NASA is offering an online mentor program for students interested in space exploration.

Required Readings are a list of links that you might find interesting! Look for them to appear every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday morning.


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RC is the assistant director of a learning center in the U.S. that focuses on space, science, and technology. She is a lifelong skeptic and science advocate, and a sci-fi fan who will talk your ear off about Star Trek if given half the chance.

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