Required Readings

Required Readings, 21 July 2013

Where is gay porn most popular? Could it be that repressing actions doesn’t repress thoughts? Hope you find this and the other articles very interesting. Have a nice day and a nice read!

Why Is Gay Porn So Popular in Pakistan? – just remember, the Lord and Allah are pervs, and they ARE watching you!

What Are Grown-Ups Afraid of in YA Books? – isolating teens from topics YOU find uncomfortable.

California Teen Pregnancy Rates Drop 60 Percent Thanks To Sex Education – oh look, it works!

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Mauricio Gago

Mauricio Gago

Mauricio Gago teaches chemistry at the University of Costa Rica. He is interested in the comprehension of science and how it helps you identify what's pseudoscience (or not science at all) and what actually lets us understand our world.

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