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Pop Quiz: Wait, How Can It Be August Already?

If there’s one thing a teacher can do to alienate every single non-teacher around them, it’s talk about holidays. Our job gives us an unbelievable amount of time off and it always makes me cringe to hear fellow teachers gloat about it, even jokingly. We really don’t need to add any more fuel to the “part-time workers” fire.


I always have such grand plans in the run up to the summer holidays. I’m definitely going to sculpt the garden into a mystical wonderland, I’m going to climb every mountain in the country, I’ll learn a brand new musical instrument from scratch AND master the ones I can already fumble around with. It never quite works out that way, of course.


It’s around this time, with a couple of weeks to go, that my thoughts turn back to the coming year. Lesson blocks need to be planned, class lists swapped around, the classroom needs to be tidied, stationery needs to be laid out ready. I’ll be heading back into work several times over the next few weeks (ok well, once or twice) just to make sure that everything’s ready for the new term. If nothing else, I’ve got a really awesome plan for a huge Game of Thrones wall display that I need to make.


One of the things I love most about this site is the way that it allows interaction with other teachers. I absolutely love hearing about how other people teach certain things or approach certain situations. With that in mind, in today’s Pop Quiz I’d like to ask you about your own “new school year” preparations. It doesn’t matter what area of education you work in; I’d love to hear how you get yourself ready for the start of the teaching year!


What preparations do you make for the new teaching year?


Do you spent a lot of holiday time in work, setting things out for the new term? Are you more of a “do everything on the first day back” type of person?


Do you look forward to going back to work? Are the holidays (heaven forbid!) too long? Or does your heart sink when you realise how little holiday time is left?


The Pop Quiz is a question posed to you, the Scholars of Doubt. Look for it on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 3pm ET.


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Alasdair is a high school English teacher in Scotland. He's a passionate skeptic and science fan, which is why he runs a discussion club for young skeptics in his school. He loves space and astronomy more than pretty much anything and is studying for a physics degree in his spare time in order to become qualified to teach science.

He lives with a cat made of distilled hatred and spikes.

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