Fling your Wisdom at Students in Teacher Story

Just in case summertime makes you all miss teaching, the French social gaming company Motion Twin has come out with Teacher Story, a browser-based tactical RPG in which you, the long-suffering prof, vanquish your students’ stupidity with a collection of special techniques. Here’s a gameplay trailer of the Beta version (some aspects of the interface have changed: this Kotaku article sports a video of the current release).

I found it a fun distraction for a few minutes today, and it’s got a great chip-tuney soundtrack if you’re into that kind of thing (see, for example, this song, and this one). Unfortunately, so far as I can determine there is only the one (male) avatar–you’d think considering the gender balance of the profession they would at least offer a choice. There also seems to be little diversity among the students, insomuch as one can determine from their names and tiny sprites.

Be warned: this is a Freemium game, so it will try to squeeze money out of you through microtransactions to purchase in-game currency to go on to the next class (so try not to end up like this woman who spent $236 on Candy Crush Saga). You can, however, get 50 extra coins to spend if you sign up via this link.* It also requires a Facebook/Google+ login or the creation of an account on their own network if you want to play. In addition to English, the game is available in French, Spanish, and German (you can change this in the account settings).

*Full disclosure: I also get free coins if you use that link, but it’s totally a win/win, right?

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