Required Readings

Required Readings, 13 August 2013

Are atheists more intelligent than religious people? Do people really still believe separating children from half of the population is healthy? This and more on today’s Required Readings! Have a nice day everyone!

State to fund separate classes for boys and girls in religious Israeli grammar schools – sure, let’s make our children ignore how to deal with half of the World’s population, that sounds like a great idea that matches our thousands of years old mentality.

Atheists are more intelligent than religious people? – while I agree studies can be botched, I do believe the conclusion. As an atheist I might be influenced by agreeing with them, but I have a reason. People are normally taught religion since childhood (or at least that’s been the case in the past) and if you grow up without questioning it, then you’ll stay religious. To become an atheist you have to think and question your beliefs, and that there is precisely what intelligence is for. There’s a ton of dumb atheists of course, but that’s just human, believers, I believe, have a larger share.

Kansas education board to review religious aspect of Celebrate Freedom Week – if they did more research on the founders’ religious views, they’d be surprised.

Science, Religion and Climate Change: The Dangerous Corruption of American Education – my thoughts exactly.

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Mauricio Gago

Mauricio Gago

Mauricio Gago teaches chemistry at the University of Costa Rica. He is interested in the comprehension of science and how it helps you identify what's pseudoscience (or not science at all) and what actually lets us understand our world.

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