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Pop Quiz: Playtime in Class!

I am very very very excited because we just this afternoon got delivery of a portable planetarium to our department. SQUEE! This means we can take a planetarium show TO a school or community center or somewhere on campus. We have instant (well after ~45 minutes of setup) entertainment for a cloudy night or a big fun dome for kids to crawl into and learn about the stars instead of sitting in class. It’s like a field trip, without having to go somewhere!

I was quite old before I ever sat in a planetarium, since the portable ones weren’t really around and so you had to go to a physical building to see that. But I loved any kind of special day or event that got us out of class for a while. I don’t mean school assemblies… those were generally boring. But in high school we had career day where we could choose to go to different stations and learn about different careers. I don’t remember an astronomer being available, but I did learn quite a bit about what it takes to be an FBI agent.

What in-school activity did you love best when you were a kid? What in-school activities do your students or children do now that they like? Don’t like? Anyone in the greater St. Louis area want a planetarium show because I have a traveling one now?!

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