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Pop Quiz: School is in Session!

It’s the end of summer here in the Northern Hemisphere.

Well, not in terms of the weather, and we’re a month yet out from the Autumn Equinox. But classes have started here at my university, and the halls are once again full of students. My current position doesn’t leave time for teaching at the moment, so other than the increased traffic it doesn’t affect my day-to-day job all that much, but it means more students and teachers coming into our resource center for materials for their science classes. I am teaching a short online course on radio astronomy, however, so *shameless plug* check that out. The local primary and secondary schools have started as well, which is quite a bit earlier than I was used to in New York. I was thrilled to have several high school students show up with their astronomy teacher for our public star gazing events, where I lug out a couple of our university’s telescopes and show people the night sky. So I’m looking forward to that picking up as well.

Even though my job isn’t affected all that much by the start of a new semesters, I can’t help but be drawn along with the feeling of renewal and restarting that is happening around me. I’ve been reorganizing my work schedule to be more efficient and productive, and I’ve been branching out to new opportunities to share science locally through (fingers crossed for funding) an astronomy camp for kids and giving more talks and science demos. I have video ideas running through my head that I just need time to get out, and a few telescopes that need my attention to make our public star parties bigger and better. Some days, I just want to change the world (although it gets tiring after a while.) And isn’t that the goal of educators everywhere, to change the world for the better some little bit through teaching?

Okay, so what about you? What grand plans do you have for this semester/year? What classes are you teaching, or new events planning? Are you just trying to hang on for the ride (like I do most days, honestly)? 

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Featured Image: A School of Spadefish, CC NOAA

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