Required Readings

Required Readings, 5 September 2013

The mystery of women…in science. Jury sides with deaf medical student. Social media informing college choice. Good morning, teachers and learners! Here are today’s required readings.

Mystery of the Missing Women in Science – Natalie Angier examines the stereotypes and barriers to having more girls enter the science fields.

Deaf student wins – A deaf medical student won a lawsuit against Creighton University, which refused to provide him with interpreters for class and with patients.

More Student Turn to Social Media to Inform Their College Search – Hmm, which college has the best Twitter feed?

Teenagers have to keep studying English and maths – In England, at least, students can’t quite these subjects at age 16 anymore.

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P.E. Robinson

P.E. Robinson

Professor P.E. Robinson teaches astronomy to non-science majors at a 2-year college in the United States. He has a decade of experience teaching science in higher education, and providing professional development experiences to astronomers and other educators. Skepticism and critical thinking are key components of everything he teaches.

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