Required Readings

Required Readings, 26 September 2013

JREF releases a 10-part Ray Hyman lecture series. Social media audits on the horizon for universities. “SPOCS” are coming? The 99s in New York.

JREF releases a free lecture series called “How To Think About Dubious Claims by Ray Hyman” – Well, I think Ray Hyman isn’t making the dubious claims 😉 This is quite neat…but I wish the sound and video for the series were as slick as the animated titles that begin each video.

Worried About Message, Colleges Scrutinize Social Media – Some colleges are asking employees to document and track all of their social media interactions. A librarian gets angry.

Harvard wants to create “Spocs” – Oh dear. You think “MOOCs” are annoying. Just wait until you meet “small private online courses”, or “spocs”.

Your 4-year old scored a 95? Better luck next time – New York pre-schoolers are being separated into the 99s and everyone else.

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P.E. Robinson

P.E. Robinson

Professor P.E. Robinson teaches astronomy to non-science majors at a 2-year college in the United States. He has a decade of experience teaching science in higher education, and providing professional development experiences to astronomers and other educators. Skepticism and critical thinking are key components of everything he teaches.


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    Should that be “your 4-year old”, rather than “you are 4-year old” ?

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