Required Readings

Required Readings, 29 September 2013

Book burning, murderous evangelical parents and why do Americans vote for crazy creationists? Good morning everyone, have a nice day and enjoy your reading!

Reflections of a Repentant Book Burner – the journey of a Dungeons & Dragons to radical evangelism and back again.

Breaking Their Will: The Sick Biblical Literalism That Leads to Child Abuse and Even Death – how strict evangelical parents can actually kill children.

Government Shutdown: It’s Not About the Economy, Stupid. In America It’s Always About God – how is it that so many Americans actually vote for crazy creationists?

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Mauricio Gago

Mauricio Gago

Mauricio Gago teaches chemistry at the University of Costa Rica. He is interested in the comprehension of science and how it helps you identify what's pseudoscience (or not science at all) and what actually lets us understand our world.

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