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Pop Quiz: Can the term be over yet?

It’s getting to be that time of year. The term is half over, the weather is starting to get grim (at least here). Students are burned out from midterms, faculty are burned out from grants (and midterms), and everyone seems generally tired and unhappy.

And unless you’re American, there is no hope of any time off until late December.

I have never quite understood why the academic calendar quite rightly gives us a nice long break in the middle of the spring term, but sadistically keeps us pushing on through in the Fall. It’s not like we’re still basking in the glow of summer days spent lounging in the sun.

I wonder if pushing the time change back into November has compounded this problem? Or maybe I’m just getting old.

Are you tired yet? Do you hate the pitch blackness of the morning hours? Would you give up a week of summer to have a real break at the end of October/beginning of November?

The Pop Quiz is a question posed to you, the Scholars of Doubt. Look for it to appear Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons.

Featured image: Cats taking shelter from the rain, Artur Andrzej

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