Required Readings

Required Readings, 24 November 2013

Is Christianity one generation away from dying out (n England at least)? This and more in today’s Required Readings, have a nice day you all and enjoy your reading!

Christianity at risk of dying out in a generation – I don’t know if it will really die out, but it very probably will lose much of its power, specially as priests are only getting older and older.

Gardasil researcher is against the vaccine–another myth debunked – we all know not to listen to anti-vaxxers anyway!

5 Christians Who Make Their Living Telling Kids Outrageous Lies About Sex – what kids in school are made to listen, I think it’s terrible how some women dedicate their lives to actually increase male chauvinism in society.

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Mauricio Gago

Mauricio Gago

Mauricio Gago teaches chemistry at the University of Costa Rica. He is interested in the comprehension of science and how it helps you identify what's pseudoscience (or not science at all) and what actually lets us understand our world.

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