RR: 22 December 2013

Hello, Doubters! Here’s some doubtable (and redoubtable) tidbits for your Sunday afternoon:

The New York Times has done the math on public school class sizes and found–shock!–that there are too many students and too few teachers.

The Kansas Board of Regents says it can fire professors for using social media in ways that “impair harmony among co-workers.” For obvious reasons, a lot of people are pissed. Should one refrain from posting a Facebook status that, for example, expresses a political opinion or criticism of a sensitive topic like religion, just because a co-worker might see it and get hurt fee-fees? What actual problem is this new policy designed to solve?

The Washington Post asks: Where will technology take education between now and 2024? (The answer is still not flying cars.)

Have a wonderful holiday season, friends.


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  1. December 22, 2013 at 7:21 pm —

    Dammit when do I get to teach in a flying car?

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