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Pop Quiz: Are you willing to lose your job for your beliefs?

Many of us skeptics, atheists, and agnostics feel compelled to keep our personal beliefs private, even going out of the way to make sure friends, coworkers, and bosses are not privy to our true views on the world.

How far are each of us willing to go to keep our beliefs hidden?

As an atheist and skeptic, and a teacher at a Catholic school, I go to great lengths to make sure the ideals I hold most dear are not known to anybody with whom I work. In a way, they have already silenced me on campus, which is why I seek out opportunities to voice my opinion on blogs such as School of Doubt.

In the news today is an article about a former NFL punter, Chris Kluwe who believes he was fired from the Vikings because of his his views on gay marriage. Its not just his views that are the issue, but that he was very outspoken about them, which meant the team received many calls, emails, letters regarding Kluwe’s views.

Kluwe certainly knew that his outspoken behavior was problematic for many within the organization, but he continued to speak out. Kudos to him for taking that risk, which eventually cost him his job. At this point all we have is Kluwe’s words against other people, but it got me wondering if I could ever take on such risk in my own job.

My question to all you School of Doubters out there…How far are you willing to go and stand up for causes you believe in, yet still be able to pay your bills?

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Richard teaches art at a Catholic school, and spends most of his days coloring and pretending he is not an atheist. He likes vintage furniture and french bulldogs.

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