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Pop Quiz: To Catch a Cheater

“I learned that teachers aren’t as stupid as some people think they are…”

This quote, from a student caught cheating, comes from a fairly old article from the US News called The Cheating Game.  It outlines a widespread problem in the country with regards to students cheating in school. Even though the article is fairly old, it is still representative of a trend that has not disappeared. If anything, its getting easier to cheat.

Simply type the words ‘cheating in school’ into your search engine of choice, and you will be overwhelmed with the number of current articles, books, or videos about successful cheating moments (you are going to hate this kid).

With first semester exams in the book, an email was sent our by our Dean of Students congratulating the faculty on the fact that no students were caught cheating during finals week. To curb cheating this year, faculty members were asked not to bring any grading, computers, tablets, or iPads into any exams they were proctoring. They were also asked to circulate throughout the room for the entirety of the exam, and not to sit down at a their desk.

I know students sometimes attempt to cheat, but never did I think it was a problem at our school, which would require the faculty to go to great lengths to discourage students from attempting to cheat. Yet, apparently it was our first ever  cheating free finals exams week. Hooray?

My question to all you SODers out there: How far do you/your school go to curb cheating?

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  1. January 10, 2014 at 10:38 pm —

    Well, no cheaters getting caught =! no cheating. We have absurdly authoritarian exam invigilation at my institution, but I don’t know how effective it really is.

    Honestly I was expecting the cheating in the video to be worse (at least it was their own work they were presenting, even if they tried to pass off the lack of preparation as a tech issue, and he does say they did most of what was required).

    By far the worst bit of cheating I did in high school (and which I am still kind of proud of, actually) was when I mirrored an analytical essay on my own site in order to give it fake publication info since the teacher refused to accept anything as a source that hadn’t been published in hard copy (no matter the quality!).

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