Required Readings

Required Readings, 12 January 2014

Satanic Temple wants to put up a statue in front of the Oklahoma Capitol! Good morning everyone, enjoy this and more in today’s Required Readings!

Satanic Temple unveils 7-foot goat-headed Baphomet statue for Oklahoma Capitol – something I doubt will in the end be done, but it sure would be fun to see the reaction of some people!

There Is No Hell Fire; Adam & Eve Not Real –––Pope Francis Exposes – more of Pope Francis, this time though it’s nothing laudable, more like something that should give believers a clear view of how religion is simply made up (of course, they’ll never see it like that).

Patriarchy’s Magic Trick: How Anything Perceived As Women’s Work Immediately Sheds Its Value – are women’s educational choices what’s causing the wage gap? Is there a wage gap? Are society’s views on female-dominated fields what causes it?

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Mauricio Gago

Mauricio Gago

Mauricio Gago teaches chemistry at the University of Costa Rica. He is interested in the comprehension of science and how it helps you identify what's pseudoscience (or not science at all) and what actually lets us understand our world.


  1. January 13, 2014 at 4:27 pm —

    I was tweeting with someone about the Satanists, and she said she had mixed feelings about it. She just didn’t want anything. I have pretty coherent feelings in that I’m for it. I think are three outcomes from the sculpture:
    1. Ban everything religious, including those precious commandments.
    2. Let the Satanists (and everyone else) put theirs up.
    3. Get sued into the ground.

    Option one is great. Option two will either lead to such fits by the people putting up bible quotes that it will lead to option one or it will get so unruly with so many groups’ statues that it will cost too much to manage, leading to option one. Option three will lead to either option one or two.

    So, if it takes Satanists putting up Baphomet, then I’m fine with it.

  2. January 13, 2014 at 4:32 pm —

    Also, maybe the pope will make me look like an ass after all. I am definitely chagrined that I’m suddenly a god worshiper because I think fairness is a good thing, but we’ll see how the rest of the year plays out. I wonder what the Catholic members of my family think about Catholocism as deism.

  3. January 14, 2014 at 12:25 am —

    I can’t say I’d be too surprised by things moving in that direction. Deism inevitably ends up being the result of “sophisticated”–or rather sophistic–theology.

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