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Required Reading 1/23/2014

Hi! This is Speecharella,  and I’m happy to be a new author on the site.  I’m a speech pathologist at a public school district.This is my first post so here goes:

On the topic of why so many well-educated people owe so much money, Rebecca Schumann at Slate, aka pankisseskafka, graciously points us toward this crowd sourced PH.D debt survey, put up by  Karen Kelsy. A brilliantly simple idea for getting some really helpful info,  though it is a google doc, so you’ll need to sign in to read it or contribute.

Heidi Landecker at the Chronicle of Higher Education reports on  the  linguist Joseph Hill who studies Black ASL.

A missive from the trenches of the trenches, Conor Freidersdorf at the Atlantic brings us a 16 year-old’s look back at Sex ed. Spoiler alert: it ends well.

Julian Vasquez Heilig at Cloaking Inequality does a favor for Tom Harkin in answering questions about Teach for America. Thanks Dr Heilig!

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Speecharella is a speech pathologist at a small public school district in a one of those states that is suspicious of teachers and other people with an unnatural fondness for taking courses and such.

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