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Spotlight on adjuncts, scientific controversies legislation in Virgina, Texas textbook panels, and more

Adjunct faculty constitute about 70% of college and university instructors. Their use and misuse has long been an issue of concern in academia, but over the past year, the working conditions of adjuncts have been receiving congressional attention.

We also have a bit of an update about Virginia’s legislation regarding “scientific controversies” (which include, according to the bill’s author, climate change and evolution) from the National Center for Science Education. Apparently science teachers in the state are less than thrilled with the legislation.

Down in Texas, the infamous citizen textbook review panels will be getting a bit of a makeover via tighter rules regarding their operation. For instance, the rules now mandate that “teachers or professors be given priority for serving on the textbook panels for subjects in their areas of expertise.”

Academics and others with an interest in scholarly publishing will find this piece on author rights and copyright from Duke University’s Scholarly Communications Officer to be helpful, particularly in light of open access requirements for National Institutes of Health and National Science Foundation grant recipients.

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    Some updates on the author rights piece. First, a response from UK copyright expert Charles Oppenheim: And a response to the response from Duke’s Kevin Smith:

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