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More on creationism, all about DonorsChoose, Louisiana lawsuit, student-centered teaching, and atheist Hokies: Required Readings

In the wake of last week’s Nye-Ham debate, creationism has been a popular topic of discussion in the media. Looking at the new HBO documentary Questioning Darwin, one author points out just how dangerous creationist beliefs can be, particularly in regard to attitudes toward critical thinking.

Required Readings has previously discussed the religious discrimination lawsuit recently filed against a Louisiana school board. A recent television report provides a local view of the matter, while a state newspaper speaks with the student’s father.

Moving toward general education topics, this post on student-centered teaching gave me food for thought about different educational approaches, as did this profile of crowd-sourced education charity DonorsChoose, which helps underfunded schools provide everything from dictionaries to science equipment.

We end with a sobering profile of atheist and freethinking students at Virginia Tech. Being familiar with Blacksburg (including attendance at a wedding where the groom’s mother sat in the hallway during the reception because rock music was being played inside), none of this information surprised me, yet I’m still appalled that in 2014 being an atheist could affect one’s job prospects.

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