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Class size, homeschoolers, blogging prof and a little WTF! Required readings 3/6/2014

Wondering about stuff?  You’ve come to the right place.

In case you were wondering why kindergarten needs so many teachers , there’s quite a bit of evidence that class size does matter.

Wondered about how  homeschooling intersects with the Quiverfull movement? Hairpin posted this this interview with 2  complaining, ungrateful, prodigal children.  It’s terrific.

Wondering about the value of scholarship that any old riffraff can find for free on the internet? Ask Dr Helig.

Thinking about this next one, I can’t really frame my impressions as “wonderey”. More like WTF, Texas!! as a core  humanities requirement is replaced by course based on the 7 habits of highly effective people.

And if that last one left you wanting turn out the lights and crawl back in bed until the next eclipse, here’s  some inspiration from a dachshund who will not give up.

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Speecharella is a speech pathologist at a small public school district in a one of those states that is suspicious of teachers and other people with an unnatural fondness for taking courses and such.

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