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Competency Based Education, the cost of it all, please don’t ruin conferences, and technology means literacy for every one!! It’s Required Reading 3/16/2014

Well  here’s some stuff:

Here’s a new thing that seems to make sense in a kind of hippie way, Competency Based Education. That is, take out norms and timelines,  and help  students master targeted skills.

It costs  to be poor, taxes are higher, medical care is more expensive and so is education.

Lousy Canuck sends this reminder about why it’s important to be just basically civil to everyone at cool conferences.  It goes like this: when assholes dominate then caring people don’t want  to share that space with people they love and respect.

And time for a special ed geek literacy out !!!!!  Brian Meersma brings us this update on the updates on Voice Dream reader, which now helps readers of all skill ability levels access all kinds of text.  This lego braille printer invented by a 7th grader gives me chills.

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Speecharella is a speech pathologist at a small public school district in a one of those states that is suspicious of teachers and other people with an unnatural fondness for taking courses and such.

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