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Health education, anti-vax conference speakers, not-so-scientific research, testing, and Henry Kissinger: Required Readings, March 25, 2014

Lots of happenings in the education realm this week. Here are just a few of them:

Looking for free health information resources for K-12 teachers and students, including materials in Spanish? Check out the National Library of Medicine’s outreach efforts!

Pharyngula discusses the National Science Teachers Association’s choice of proud non-vaccinating mom, actress, and PhD Mayim Bialik as a featured speaker at its annual conference. What do you think?

A story at RetractionWatch illustrates why information literacy skills are important, particularly in regard to STEM research. Several of the usual suspects are present: a predatory journal, creationism, and a scientist unaware that he was a coauthor. Just because it looks like a scientific paper doesn’t mean it is one. In a somewhat related vein are one graduate’s experiences selling her thesis to an academic book mill.

A teacher looks at the increased focus on testing and data, even in kindergarten, in her resignation letter.

Some schools want to promote events when notable figures are speaking at their institutions, but Yale asked students to keep a talk by Henry Kissinger under wraps.

Required Readings are a list of links that you might find interesting! Look for them to appear every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday morning.Have some links you’d like to share? Submit them on our contact form!

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