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Homophobia in U.S. education and abroad, humanities PhDs, scholars you can trust, and good news in VA: Required Readings, 04.07.14

So many links, so little time. Here are a few that caught our attention in the past week…

First, we present a British teacher discussion of a recent experience with negative attitudes about gays in the GCSE national examinations.

A couple weeks ago a story made the news about South Carolina legislators opposed to a young students effort to name a state fossil because creationism. This action followed a vote to cut $70,000 from two universities’ budgets to punish them for teaching students about LGTBQ rights and history. Now another legislators is upset about lesbian recruitment via theater.

One author in The Atlantic asks what can one do with a PhD in the humanities.

Learning which scholarly sources bear authority and can be trusted is an ongoing process beginning in childhood that has been transformed by the digital era. A newly released study examines who we trust and how we use scholarly information in this changing environment as well as the impact of factors such as social media and open access resources.

Hat tip to Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe for vetoing a bill that would allow student-led, administrator-approved proselytizing during school events.

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