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Schoolgirl kidnapping, ending public education, college-ready kindergarten students, research universities, and OK bible curriculum: Required Readings, 4.29.14.

Nearly 2 weeks ago, more than 200 girls at a Nigerian school to take a physics examination were kidnapped in the middle of the night. The group responsible, Boko Harem, is rooted in an anti-education, anti-Western philosophy.This article provides background information on the organization and its campaign of terror. 

Meanwhile in the United States, a candidate for lieutenant governor in South Carolina wants to end public education altogether.

A New York school has cancelled an end-of-year kindergarten play so these 5-year-olds can work to become college and career ready.

As some institutions look to reward faculty patents with tenure, The Chronicle of Higher Ed looks at The Soul of the Research University.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation and the American Civil Liberties Union have a great deal to say about the new Bible studies curriculum in Oklahoma developed by the owner of craft store and current SCOTUS litigant Hobby Lobby. It includes such gems as “The first pages of the Bible spotlight God’s desire for justice and a just world…When humanity ignores or disobeys his rules, it has to suffer the consequences.”

SoD readers might want to check out this webinar in May on The Everyday Importance of STEM.

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