Google Classroom

Did you hear it?

That bang crash, record needle screech, the collective “what the hell?” that came from the makers of online learning platforms.  People from blackboard, moodle, edmodo and all the rest must have woken up this morning thinking what a lovely spring day only to open up their google news and see… Google Classroom. dun dun DUN!

…Or at least that is what I imagine they did, because Google getting involved in your little niche of the world has to send shivers up your spine.

According to Google’s blog Google classroom will do all the things that the other learning platforms do with the added benefit of, you know, being Google.  Right now it is free and a limited number of teachers can become a guinea pig apply for a preview and help them work out all the bugs that always come with a new product see what it is all about by signing up here, but by September no more free-loaders. In September they will make it available to institutions using Google apps for Education.

As for me?  I’ll sign up and go in the lottery for spaces, see how it compares to the other platforms I have used.  If I get in I’ll let you know how it goes.

As an additional note – an “A” goes to the Google marketers for having the older teacher in their slick and snazzy video.  It really brings home the “Look you can use this program because this veteran teacher uses it and loves it,” but you get an F for diversity.  Really you could not find the requisite African American, Hispanic and Asian student or teacher for your video? Whoops sorry there appears to be a person of Asian descent in one scene and I think there might be a not-white person in the background, but really, overall your video is pretty pale.  So on average you get a C, which is passing, but not very well.


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