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Harassment by FOIA, data mines on the auction block, keeping up with tech-savvy pre-kinders: Welcome to Required Reading 5/30/2014

Who needs the NSA when you’ve got UVA students up in arms about a letter of clarification? How are we going to get anything changed in the law  if you can’t have an argument in writing without being harassed via FOIA requests?  Lawyers are the voice of the people in the law, and even assholes have a right to be heard. I actually support the students’ cause, and I hated that Arizona bill, but I don’t want to be allied with totalitarian jerks.

One problem with outsourcing educational record keeping  (a la inBloom) is that those records become assets that can be traded and sold- Diane Ravitch’s blog pointed us to this data-mine-gone-bankrupt situation in New York.

Here at the old speech hut, I think I’m going to work with mostly pre-K kids next school year, which is great, but I really worry about not keeping up with technology if I don’t have to the 2nd through 5th graders that showed me how to use  iMovie ,  Comic Life, and  Minecraft.  I really need to nail down my Garage Band skills- maybe I can find a 4 year old to show me what’s what.

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