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Scientology in CA Public Schools, Christian College Struggles with Evolution, Gender Discrimination in FL: Required Readings 05.31.14

The Church of Scientology is doing California a public service.  If that sentence made you throw up in your mouth a little, then your skepdar is properly calibrated.  Narconon, an anti-drug arm of the church has been invited to speak at 28 California public schools since 2007.  SFGate has a great summary of the history narconon has with the state, and what its current relationship is (and should be).

Christian colleges are struggling to decide if they want to be serious members of academia or serious members of psuedoacademia.  Bryan College in Tennessee changed its statement of belief this year to include explicitly anti-evolution statements; faculty and students alike, who take reality seriously, are abandoning ship.

Finally, a Florida public school is being sued by the ACLU, because they think that girls “struggle with abstract thinking” and other such nonsense.  An all-girls school is accused of discriminating educational practices based on sex.

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Keith is a high school Chemistry and Biology teacher for an urban public school district in an area of the country where pants are called “britches.” Though he has a degree in Percussion Performance, he teaches science because he thinks that a well honed skeptical toolbox is necessary for a more informed citizenry and a more just and prosperous society. When he’s not in the classroom, he spends all his time with his wife and two children, attempting to become the first person in the world to be both a perfect husband and father.

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