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Superstar profs, critical thinking and math, college athletics, and Catholic schools: Required Readings, 6.3.14

Our semester ended last Thursday, and my cerebral processes fled the building along with most of the students. Hence, I present the Evening Edition of Required Readings.

Philosophy isn’t my field, but this guy is apparently a Big Deal. Too bad he considers most of his students “boring idiots” and penalizes students for turning in their work.

A middle school math teacher wonders who broke her students so that they’re unable to deal when there is no right answer. The solution: teaching them how to find the “right reason.”

The collegiate athletic recruitment process is not something I’ve had much interest in beyond its impact on academic programs, but I found this feature on one basketball player’s experience fascinating.

Is the future of Catholic education in doubt? Perhaps, because it seems that anti-gay morality clauses are leading to teachers leaving parochial schools, a situation that will likely only get worse as the younger generations that support gays and lesbians move into the classroom.

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