Extra Credits on Education

I’m a huge fan of the Extra Credits team, whose insightful discussions on video games and game design (and fabulous take on the Punic Wars) have long been high on my list of sites-that-must-be-compulsively-checked.

So imagine my great satisfaction when they decided to return to the topic of education–I wrote about an earlier video of theirs here–in a four-part series!

Since the series is now complete, I’m embedding all four videos below for your convenience, but be sure to check out their YouTube channel if you have any interest in games outside of their potential for the advancement of education.

And seriously, check out their Punic War series. Just do it.


An End to Fear: Why Students Hate Homework

Responsive Learning: How Games Help Teachers

21st Century Skills: How Games Prepare You for Life

Agency: How Games Empower Us

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